Our children participate in a number of inter school competitions and our children have performed extremely well bringing laurels to the school. The following students have won various prizes in the academic year 2018-19 :

—> Prayagh Sanjeev Krishna (VA) won the Budding Artist award for the Children’s Art Exhibition conducted by TeachArt Kochi at Durbar Art Gallery Kochi

—> Albin Jons (XC) and Johna C Jacob (XA) participated in an interschool Quiz competition conducted by The Hindu

—> YMCA Ernakulam conducted All Kerala Patriotic Song and National Anthem competition as part of Independence Day celebrations and both Senior and Junior team won the third prize for National Anthem.

The participants of Junior term are Arya Nanda (VIC), Sree Nidhi (VIIB), Niya Susan (VII), Manna Grace (VIIB), Bhavya (VII), Filna (VII), Leya (VI), Ann Celine (VI), Leya Mariam (VI), Sreelakshmi (VII) and Aabha (VI).
The participants of Senior team are Ann Alice Philip (XC), Aparna Philip (XC), Nicole Tessa Joice (VIIIA), Jeeva Tomy (XB), Kripa Sobi (XC), Ann John (VIIIB), Indu Mohan (XC), Punya Vilendran (XC), Gauri Nanda (XB), Ivee Mathew (XC)

—> Kashinath M P  (II) achieved the 19th rank in the MaRRS Primary Colours (Light for Little Lives) International Competition.

—> Preethi S Raj (III) won the First prize in the Poster making competition conducted by Childline on the topic “Child Labour”




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