Schooling is complete only when its focus is widened from just acquiring knowledge to include
development of character, emotional and social maturity, and life experiences and above all,
attaining wisdom.
Learning is made a natural and joyous experience when students are involved in planning and
organizing various activities and projects both as groups and as individuals. Co – curricular
activities include Sports, Music, Drawing, Dancing, Gardening, Yoga, Karate, Painting, Needlework
and Quiz. Besides these Science Club, and Maths and Cyber Club, Green Club, Literary Club, Games
and Sports Club, and Balajanasakhyam help to bring out the hidden potentials and creativity of the
students. These talents find expression in the periodic exhibitions held at the school, which
further help to enhance the emotional intelligence of the learners. .
A proper exposure to the realities of life is provided in the frequent study tours and field trips
organized to create a sense of belonging in the students and to protect them from the onslaughts
of the modern cosmetic culture. Stress is laid on augmenting the Emotional Quotient and Social
Quotient of every student by encouraging participation in social work, team building and community living.

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