The individuality of the child develops over the years and the intellectual talents bloom from childhood to adulthood.  The hidden talents of the children can be brought out in a healthy atmosphere through the right kind of education and nourishment.  The Mar Thoma Public School, recognizing these great needs and potential of children, is committed to give the best in education to the future generation.

The mission and vision of the school is

•    To promote sound, intellectual, physical, moral and spiritual standard
•    To inculcate self-confidence and teach the quality of leadership
•    To mould future citizens who would work towards the unity and integrity of the country
•    To impart the spirit of service and sacrifice
•    To foster love, care and consideration to one another
•    To provide suitable atmosphere for the development of personality
•    To encourage appreciation of dignity of labour
•    To give training for the purposeful use of leisure through hobbies
•    To encourage healthy competition and sound aptitude for studies and develop the spirit of sportsmanship


As per CBSE circular, the school has adopted the following mission statement which will be implemented during the next three years :

The school will inculcate reading habit in students and develop in them a love for nature and help them to make their school and home   environment green and clean in the coming three years.

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