1. -> No stress or anxiety is to be conveyed to your ward during the exam period
  2. -> Read all the instructions given on the admit card.
  3. -> Ensure that the admit card has the student’s and parents’ signatures
  4. -> Visit the allotted exam center (Bhavan’s Varuna Vidhyalaya, Thrikkakara) at least a day before the start of the exams
  5. -> No child will be permitted inside the exam center after 10:00 am
  6. -> Cooperate with the officials and checking done at the exam center
  7. -> Do not congregate outside the exam center or attempt to enter the center
  8. -> Avoid believing or spreading rumours
  9. -> Please ensure that your ward follows the given instructions on the day of each exam :
    1.               * Reaches the center before 9:45 am
    2.               * Ensure that he/she wears his complete school uniform and carry school ID and admit card, without fail
    3.               * Carry only blue ball point/gel pen and other permitted stationary (in a transparent pouch, if needed)
    4.               * Do not carry mobile phone, wallet, purse, chits or pieces of paper, old question papers, or any other material that will draw suspicion of using unfair means
    5.               * Obey all instructions in the exam hall and ensure discipline
    6.               * Read question paper fully and follow instructions given
    7.               * Read instructions on answer booklet and fill in accurate and relevant details
  10. Any communication to CBSE can be done through the email ID :

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