The students are to abide strictly to the following instructions:
1.     Students should reach the school at 7.55 a.m. The students who report late will  not be allowed to enter the  school campus and attend classes.
2.   Students if absent for a day, proper leave letters are to reach the Class Teacher on the next working day.
3.   UNIFORM: Students should attend school wearing neat, clean and complete uniform as specified in the school diary. On Wednesday’s the respective House Colour T-Shirt should be worn which will be made available from the school. The neck tie should be worn in the right manner. The length of the skirts worn by the girls should be more than their knee length. Gorls/Boys should not wear low waist pants/skirts. Stockings (Girls) should be worn in the right manner. (white shirt is not included in the school uniform). Students should be in school uniform whenever they come to school, even on work free days/holidays.
4.   SHOES: Students should wear neatly polished shoes. On Wednesdays only white canvas shoes are allowed. (Shoes of any other kind other than that specified in the school diary are not allowed.)
5.   Boys should have a regular neat and trim haircut and their face should be clean shaven. Girls who have long hair should comb it neatly into two plaits and use hair bands as specified in the diary.
6.   Girls/Boys should not us any kind of ornaments. (Girls can use only small ear rings/studs).
7.   Electronic equipments/gadgets are strictly prohibited in the school campus (mobile phones, claculators, camera, walkman, pager etc.) Those who are found to possess such gadgets will be penalized and gadgets will be confiscated and they will have to pay a fine of Rs. 1000/-
8.   Students should not bring any extra money except for the coupon/bus fare.
9.   Students are not permitted to drive/ride to school on cars or bikes.

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